Press Clippings


War of the Worlds

“Sissel Bakken’s haughty blonde society matron, a fox stole draped over a pencil-thin shape clad in pearls, silk gloves and a sheath of ivory satin (costumes are by Megan Perry Holeva), waves a slender cigarette dismissively.  Bakken is magnificently loathsome as she pontificates with dripping sarcasm, her hair pulled up and back in a Tippi Hedren twist, not a hair disturbed by whatever insignificant nonsense may be happening beyond her own very insular and secure world.”

                                                                                    - Leslie Weisman, DC Theatre Scene

The Importance of Being Earnest

“The perfectly matching Mary Suib (Merriman) and Sissel Bakken (Lane) rounded out the cast as the perfect gentlemen’s butlers. With nary a scathing look, Suib and Bakken managed to convey their absolute disgust with their master’s hijinks, without ruffling a single feather. Despite their limited roles, both actresses constantly made their presence known in clever ways, another testament to McNamara’s genius.”

                                   - Erica Laxson, MD Theatre Guide